About Us

Equine Reproduction Center of Central Florida is an equine & canine clinic located on the outskirts of Deland, Florida! We have two major block barns. Our mare barn has twenty-five stalls including the extra foal stall in our ultrasound room. Also in our mare barn is a semen storage room, microscope room, extra room for more storage and a refrigerator, an office with a bathroom for an onsite veterinarian, and two extra inventory rooms. We also have a six stalled stallion barn separate from the mare barn, which we use for isolation for the breeding stallions. Our office is in front of the two barns where truck and trailers can pull around to load and unload after talking to the receptionists inside. In our office we have a conference room, two bathrooms, a lunch room for staff, blood lab, coggins lab, canine room, microscope room, sterilization room, inventory room, electrical room, receptionist desk, printer room, wash room, and two extra rooms for future veterinarians. We have a total of twelve pastures for equine turnout which includes two stallion fields and ten mare fields.